Big Belly Deli Opens in Davis

Tucker County can now satisfy its craving for a hot pastrami sandwich at the newly opened Big Belly Deli in Davis.
Owners Ron Tate and April Welsh prepare customer Maggie Hadlock's lunch
Owners Ron Tate and April Welsh prepare customer Maggie Hadlock’s lunch

Davis residents, Ron Tate and April Welsh, have done a soft opening of the new eatery with plans to hold a grand opening event sometime in early May. The deli, which is located in the Muttley’s Downtown building (438 William Ave.), was opened by the couple who are both Pennsylvania transplants but have lived here for the past four years. Tate, an avid caver and climber has been coming to the area for the last fifteen years. After the passing of his mother, his surrogate family here urged him to make Tucker County his home. He did and Welsh soon followed.

When starting to plan for opening a business of their own, the couple wanted to find a niche and fill it.

“There’s no place to get a decent deli sandwich, not since Nanny’s deli closed”, said Tate.

With 25 years in the food service industry Tate knew what he was getting in to. He used to own a coffee shop/music venue in Pennsylvania and has and still does work at Muttley’s since coming to the area.

When asked what makes their establishment special, both agreed that it’s the fact that almost everything is done in-house from scratch: soups, deli salads, desserts, etc.

“Most are second or third generation family recipes”, Welsh said.

They are proud of the fact that most of their deli meats and cheeses come from Lancaster County, Pa., an area renowned for high quality products. They will soon be offering Frankferd Farms Organic products such as: whole grains, dairy products, organic bag snacks like kettle chips, and trail mix.

Along with traditional deli fare such as their pastrami and Rachael sandwiches, they have vegetarian offerings, bag chips and an extensive selection of bottled soft drinks several of which are self-served out of a large vintage Coca-Cola cooler.

“It’s funny to watch teenagers try to use the old bottle-opener on the cooler”, Tate said with a smile.

They also are willing to order more unique items for customers such as: American buffalo, duck, and lamb chops.

All of Big Belly Deli’s offerings are packed “to-go” however Muttley’s graciously allows them to use their seating during the day enabling them to accommodate around 27 eat-in diners.

With at least nine deli meats, four specialty meats, 13 or more cheeses, and generally a half a dozen deli salads Big Belly is set up to make party trays or handle a customer’s private catering needs.

Currently for the Lenten season they are offering Tuna Burgers every Friday which has sold out when offered! They have week-day lunch specials and weekly cheese and meat by the pound specials.

The couple want everyone to know that they “Look forward to serving you and yours and ensuring that you never leave hungry.”

They are currently open Monday-Friday 11 a.m.- 7 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m.- 7 p.m. and Sunday noon.- 5 p.m.

For more information call 304-259-2222 or like them on FaceBook at: Davis’s Big Belly Deli.